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Social Media for Trainers: Techniques for Enhancing and Extending Learning

By Jane Bozarth, Ed.D. 2010: Published by Pfeiffer, 192 pages.

In  Social Media for Trainers: Techniques for Enhancing and Extending Learning, author Jane Bozarth shows readers not only how to increase the impact of training programs but also how to broaden their influence beyond the classroom. If you thought printed handouts offered added value to your courses, you’ll be blown away by all the ways in which you can use social media to make the courses you teach reach your attendees where they spend their time every single day, not just on training day, and that place is in the world of social media.

The author walks us through the main social media outlets:

  •         Twitter
  •         Facebook
  •         Blogs
  •         Wikis
  •         Other Tools

Within each section, Ms. Bozarth gives us the big picture, including how to view each particular tool, its advantages and disadvantages, getting started using it, pre-work tasks, and in-class uses. However, what experienced trainers will find most enlightening are the sections on formative and summative evaluation and post-class work, which further extends the life of the training.

Not ready to jump into all of the social media tools? This book will still become your most valued partner in offering innovative training programs. You can read the overview of each tool and then decide which one you use to get your feet wet. How about a blog post to stimulate discussion on what was learned in class or a tweet that reinforces learning with quick quotes or terms that encapsulate the main ideas in the course that employees attended yesterday?

Everyone is looking for employee development options that offer higher impact while keeping costs down. Whether you are a trainer, training manager or CLO, once you read Social Media for Trainers, your mind will reel with the possibilities. As a trainer, you will be able to offer value-added training programs that likely surpass your competitors’ services.  As a training manager, you will have new tools for assessing prospective vendors. As a CLO, you will be able to lead your organization to new training and development excellence by helping multiple departments integrate social media tools into their employee learning cycle.

This book conveys groundbreaking ideas in a conversational style that will allow anyone to integrate social media into training, regardless of their technical skills. It is bound to become part of the new canon, opening up all of us to new possibilities.

Reviewed by Marcia Young