Instructional Design: Following the Process, Not the Product

Rapid Instructional Design: Learning ID Fast and Right, 2nd Edition, by George M. Piskurich (2006, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.), is an effective, practical primer on how to make both the learning and the doing of instructional design faster.  Are you looking for theory?  Then Rapid Instructional Design is not for you. Would you like to walk away with practical checklists and insights on how to design better and more quickly in this age of technology-based training?  Then you have found what you’re looking for.

A curriculum designer who is asked to design a course with limited time and resources is left to grapple with questions such as, “What can I skip in the design process?” or, “Can this course be rapid and still be effective?”  The author, George Piskurich, dares to ask these questions and help guide designers through the process of making the best decisions for the courses they are designing.

Component-Based Information

This book is designed like a web, meaning that readers do not have to read it in a linear fashion.  Instead, readers may find it helpful to begin designing their course simultaneously with other components such as analysis.  While Piskurich warns that some rewriting may have to be done in the end, he still encourages the dynamic use of this book.

The main components cover: pre-instructional design, instructional design, critical design issues, delivery issues and decisions, program implementation, evaluation, and a section that focuses on the details of various rapid design techniques.  To cap it off, chapters on asynchronous and synchronous e-learning give consideration to two newer and widely used delivery systems.

What You Will Learn

If you are new to instructional design you will find the answers to questions such as, “Why do I need instructional design, and what are the advantages?”  Experienced instructional designers will find the detailed lesson plan development job aids and lesson plan reviews, as well as discussions on how to decide the best delivery method, engaging and helpful.  As an experienced author of five books on topics from e-learning to self-directed learning, George Piskurich provides all of the information one needs to get up to speed – and more, with Rapid Instructional Design!

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