The SuperManager: A Short Story About the Secrets of An Extremely Successful Manager

The SuperManagerIn just under 100 pages, The SuperManager, by Greg Blencoe, delivers a powerful model for effective management and supervisory skills in the form of a concise and engaging short story.

We follow new-manager Andrew as he is mentored by his original super-manager, Leon. By incorporating “The SuperManager’s Seven Principles” into a narrative, Blencoe removes us to the third person, where we feel not lectured, but entertained.

The SuperManager does a great job of incorporating Experiential Learning into an independent-reading book. It’s akin to a simulation – following along with Andrew (he even takes notes for us!) – making it memorable and enjoyable.

Through the story, Blencoe unpacks his “Seven Principles” in conversational language, accompanied by anecdotal examples – emphasizing the accessibility of effective management skills, and placing them in a realistic and specific context.

The SuperManager makes an excellent take-away for any Management or Supervisory Skills training session. With a section for each “Principle”, it’s something to refer back to as a reminder or refresher for new and experienced managers alike.

The SuperManager is available on

For more information on SuperManagers, visit Greg Blencoe’s blog

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