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Use a Visual Story to Reach Your Audience: Resonate, by Nancy Duarte

Resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences, by Nancy Duarte

In this new title, Resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences (2010 Wiley & Sons, Inc.), Nancy Duarte walks us through the award-winning process of reaching into the heart of an audience to gain their attention and ignite their passion.

Duarte has discovered the “map” that all great speeches follow, and shows us how readers can enlist the same tactics that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Steve Jobs used to enthrall audiences. Duarte is an avid student of codifying powerful messages and showing the reader how to do include the same elements in their own message to gain the same (or more) powerful results.

Duarte teaches us that we are not the hero of our message; rather each audience member is the hero. Essentially, Duarte posits that presenters are the Yoda to our audience’s Luke Skywalker. Whether we are presenting a new project or teaching a course, our goal is to help each member understand how the information benefits them and spurs them to action.

How can you foster a yearning in your audience for your message? You’ve heard that stories are powerful, but what are the clear steps to integrating them in your talk or lesson? What is the best way to order your message to incite maximum motivation from your audience or class? The answers to these questions lie in the pages of this book.

The author’s “post-it note” approach to organizing information shows us how to group larger ideas, add details where they belong and, most importantly, give the whole presentation the same cadence and pattern as the famous speeches she has studied and learned from.

Section titles include Lessons from Myths and Movies; Get to Know the Hero; Define the Journey; Structure Reveals Insights; Deliver Something They’ll Always Remember; Case Studies, and much more. Predictably, the design and layout keep the reader moving to the next section. Compelling images, drawings and quotes elucidate the insights that Duarte imparts to the reader. We highly recommend this book for leaders, workshop presenters and even curriculum designers.

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